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Writer/Director. An award-winning director and two-time Film Independent Fellow, Los Angeles based Mike Miller is also an accomplished screenwriter and DP. His ability in each of these areas, coupled with an understanding of the role every part plays in the storytelling, informs his work as a director. That body of work has consistently garnered awards at a long list of the world’s major award shows, including The Cannes Film Festival, The New York Festivals, St Tropez International Film Festival and ‘Official Selection in Competition’ at The Sundance Film Festival.

Kodak Entertainment Imaging Awarded filmmaker and Film Premieres organizer. Mark has organized premieres such as Oscar's Awarded "Gladiator" (Russell Crowe), "Mission Impossible 2" (Tom Cruise), "Gone in 60 seconds" (Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie), "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (Jim Carrey), and much more. Mark is also a filmmaker; he has master's degree in TV and Film Production. His films were shown on film festivals in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago or Salt Lake City and also European countries.








Sélynne Silver is an award-winning actress who proudly graduated from UCLA. She started acting a decade ago in her native France. Since 2011, she has been the face of "Terriennes", a TV5 Monde's campaign dedicated to the condition of women throughout the world. Sélynne’s credits include the acclaimed Lizz Marshall’s What Daphne Saw for which she was nominated in the category Best Actress at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in 2019. In the movie, Sélynne stars alongside George Griffith from Top US TV Show “Twin Peaks : the return”.  She was also hired as a principal by the Emmy award winning company The Corner Shop in a California Tobacco Control Program commercial. Sélynne also worked with 2 students Academy award winners directors Johnny Coffeen and Brian Robau on the short The False Mirror. 


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Bulgarian Film Director and Producer. She has also a 10-years experience in financial, corporate and civil law while working as lawyer. She has Master Degree in Law from Law School of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Master Degree in Film and TV Directing from New Bulgarian University, also a Specialisation in Public speech on Radio and TV from New Bulgarian University, Sofia.  Her debut in film-directing and producing starts in 2011 with her short film “Salty & Sweet”, created during her study in Film and TV Directing-  selected and awarded worldwide at many International Film Festivals. She is also a Co-Producer of “The Judgement”, feature film of the director Stephan Komandarev- soon in theatrical release. She is also Director and Producer of her project for feature film “Yoan is going to Mecca”, writer Emil Spahiyski, financially supported for development from The National Film Centre, as well as Director and Producer of her project for feature film “Ego”, writer Aleksey Kozhuharov.




Before Yukilynn knew what acting or directing or producing was all about she fell in love with reading aloud in class which caused her to come out of her shell and explore a world of creativity that would follow her throughout her life. When she was eight years old she was so gripped by watching the actresses in "Steel Magnolia's". She fell asleep watching "Mary Tyler Moore" , "Dick Van Dyke" and " I love Lucy" on Nick at Night. She loved this world and wanted more than anything to be a part of it.Yukilynn's pilot "Off Leash" was the 2013 first place winner of the pilot competition at The Sunset Film festival and she is happy to participate this year as a judge as she has admired the films chosen in previous years. Yukilynn is currently living in North Hollywood,California with her husband and producing partner David Lloyd Smith.




Rodrigo Zan was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and since his early ages his passion for music, poetry, nature, new medias and mystery took him to many trips and journeys all over the world. 

His films, photographs, and work are a cinematic reflection of life, his perspectives about the experience in life. The necessity to unleash himself from the institutionalization of the mind reflects the freedom that drives him to different ways to express his feelings and thoughts. 

Fallowing the flow of the energy that inspires him, the mechanism, writing, directing, photographing are only ways to express the same thing, the perspective. 

He directed three narrative short films already, “Moments”, “Blue Bird”, “Jimbo” and one short documentary “Seeking the Joy”. Now working on his first feature film. 



LUCA CASERTA. Italian director, screenwriter and filmmaker. Raised in a family of directors and actors, Luca Caserta graduated in Filmmaking at Movie Academy of Cinecittà (Rome - Italy), majoring in movie direction and screenwriting with Carlo Lizzani. Founder of Nuove Officine Cinematografiche, he's author of short films and documentaries. Really in love with all the filmmaking process, he believes that the heart of Cinema resides in the pure craft of bringing it to life: the light, the camera, the troupe, the director, the actors and a story to tell... this is all we need to make the magic come true. His movies have been presented at many Festivals including Cannes Film Festival, European Short Film Festival (Berlin), Roma Cinema DOC, Miami Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, Canada's World International Film Festival, where he won the Honorable Mention. His short film "Out of the Depths" is part of a trilogy about “the double”, which also includes “Inside the Mirror” and “The Other Side of the Moon”. “Out of the Depths” is distributed on demand in the U.S. and worldwide by IndiePix Films. Luca Caserta is now working on his first feature film. More infos at

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Matt is a filmmaker from Paris, France. He directed 1 feature film, 3 feature documentaries, 25 short films, and wrote 5 feature scripts and several series. He attended 35 film festivals with his film Man of the Past, which won number of international awards. Matt also got nominated or winning 8 times as a scriptwriter : once for Homeless, 3 times for 26 Miles, and 4 times for « Five Minutes with Mary » (trailer, and Facebook page), his latest installment listed by MTV.

He also founded the Paris Art and Movie Awards, the leading independent film festival in Paris, and runs the Talent Factory, a platform currently managing 5 international contests and festivals.

Matt’s Imdb.

Matt’s website.


Juan Felipe

Juan Felipe Restrepo is a Colombian award winning Latino Actor based in L.A.  During his youth he was very involved in arts; writing, drawing and music. He started acting when he was 8. At age 14 He became a member of a theatre company named "La Maleta Roja" at his hometown, with which he participated in International Theatre Festivals and performed around South America.

After training in Colombia he moved to L.A at 17, where he graduated with a BFA in acting from the New York Film Academy. Later on Juan Felipe wrote, co-produced and starred in his own film "Hijo Prodigo", making him winner of 8 awards from multiple film festivals. From there he moved on to multiple award winning Films such as Jane directed by Kathryn Prescott, The Arrow of our Youth acting opposite Danny Trejo and participating in the TV series 13 Reasons Why.




Ariel is an International Film Producer,  Screenwriter and actor. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Film&Theatre Institute and studied screenwriting at few universities in UK . He produced films all over the world- the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai, Canada and so on. 
He is the owner of Lavi Company in Miami, FL. 
His films won 46 awards, 26 nominations and were screened in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Alabama, Oregon, Ottawa, Toronto, Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Chile, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Nicosia, Bhutan, Sweden, South Korea, Athens, Nigeria, Croatia, India, Taiwan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Kosovo, Indonesia, Sydney, Singapore, Mauritius. He has been interviewed in Radio Stations and Magazines all over the world- the US, China, UK, Caribbean, Italy, Dubai, Japan, Canada, India. 





Guy Renardeau is a multi-award-winning composer for film and television based in the Netherlands and Los Angeles. 

After his master degree in composition, orchestral arrangement, sound design, piano and guitar from the 

Hochschule für Music in Kõln Germany and the Conservatory in Amsterdam, he went to several countries in Europe touring with well-known musicians. 

He recorded for EMI, Sony and film producers. 

Since a couple of years, he has developed a successful and unique approach to his scores and film music productions, songwriting, games and trailers.

Guy was also a member of the Performing Arts Fund NL, which is the most important culture fund in the Netherlands. 

In 2019 he was Jury at the Montgomery International Film Festival.



Creative trailblazer Viveca Chow, rewrote Hong Kong’s history as the first born and raised Broadway musical performer. Now a NYC Lifestyle Expert as well, she is passionate about using her storytelling skills to cultivate a community rooted in creativity, positivity and adventure. Viveca’s most recent prestigious performer credits include Miss Saigon (Broadway Revival), The Country Club (starring Elaine Hendrix), Exception(al) (directed by Michelle Bossy), The Other Two (MAX), Dear Edward (Apple TV+) and Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (Netflix). She also was chosen out of 20,000 actors to be a part of one of the most competitive industry showcases in the world, the Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase.

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Hailing from Shanghai by way of Baltimore, Yiqing dived headfirst into performing arts after getting her degrees in medicine and public health--because she believes the arts have stronger healing powers. She is an award-winning actress and writer, and a certified creative life coach.

Her favorite activities are yoga, cooking, daydreaming/writing, and she has successfully converted from a cat person to a dog person.



Samy Ferrenbach is a French actor and acting coach who started his career in Panama over 10 years ago. He has played leading roles in the Panamanian film industry in movies such as "Third Wave" directed by Christian Wolf,  "La Onda" directed by Ezequiel Herrera, among others. He has also appeared in French cinema, including films like "Multiverse Alpha" directed by Bruno Sciaccaluga. Samy has been the face of national Panamanian brands such as Cervera Nacional, Novey and others. 


Additionally, Samy is the author of the acting technique called "El Enfoque Profundo," which is based on his own stage method. He has conducted several master classes in Panama City and Cannes in the South of France.


Samy has also served as an honorary jury member in Panamanian film festivals, such as the Panama International Film Festival and the International Film Festival Panama

Additionally, Samy is the author of the acting technique called "El Enfoque Profundo," which is based on his own stage method. He has conducted several master classes in Panama City and Cannes in the South of France.


Samy has also served as an honorary jury member in Panamanian film festivals, such as the Panama International Film Festival and the International Film Festival Panama

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